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Bahia (Brazil)

Art, history, culture, Afro-Brazilian culture, music, rhythm and carnival. Colors, folklore and popular festivities. Flavors and sensations. Nature, entertainment and recreation. Gourmet food, sports and adventure, business and modern facilities. Conferences, conventions, events and incentives. Eco-tourism, rural and ethnic tourism, health tourism, religious tourism, educational tourism and marine tourism; all of this bursting with sun and countless beaches! This is Bahia, the land of happiness!

Thanks to this diversity, Bahia is Brazil's most popular touristic state, including 13 touristic zones and 28 different tourist destinations in a single area.

Bahia's attractions await you!

Costa dos Coqueiros - Costa do Dendê - Caminhos do Sertão - Caminhos do Jiquiriçá - Costa do Cacau - Costa do Descobrimento - Costa das Baleias - Caminhos do Sudoeste - Chapada Diamantina - Caminhos do Oeste - Vale do São Francisco - Lagoas e cânions do São Francisco - Salvador - Baia de Todos os Santos and Reconcovado.

Bahia (Brazil) is equipped with a selection of accommodations and tourist facilities to meet the needs of anyone traveling for business, pleasure, tourism or vacation. The area offers a vast range of different accommodation options, including: Hotels, Resorts, Tourist Villages, Fazenda Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Pousadas, Historical Hotels, Flats, Apartment-hotels, Campgrounds, Youth Hostels, Eco-Resorts, Design Hotels, Bungalows, and vacation apartments and houses.

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