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Costa dos Coqueiros, the coast stretching north of Bahia, is an endless lineup of historical sites, cities, towns and villages with white sand dunes, rivers and lagoons, coral reefs and countless coconut palms. It is linked up by the BA-99 road known as “Estrada do Coco” that runs from the international airport of Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) to Praia do Forte in the municipality of Mata de São João. From there, it continues under the name Linha Verde, stretching from Praia do Forte all the way to the borders of the state of Sergipe. Approximately 185 kilometers of unique landscapes and enchanting sights waiting to be discovered.

Setting out from Pousada Angá, the well-maintained BA-99 (Estrada do Coco – Linha Verde) with its refreshing lack of curves allows visitors to quickly reach sites of matchless natural beauty still untouched by civilization as well as other sites of interest along the way. The Linha Verde is Brazil’s first ecological road.

Contact the reception for further information about visiting the Costa dos Coqueiros.

Local sites to visit:

• Bar das Folhas
• Praia da Barra do Rio Inhambupe
• Lagoa da Panela
• Lagoa Verde
• Lagoa Azul
• Mirante do Morro do Mamucabo
• Rio Mamucabo
• Vila de Palame (The church of Nossa Senhora de Santana)
• Cachoeira dos Índios
• Quilombo Pedra Grande

Tourist attractions to visit along the Costa dos Coqueiros:

• Salvador da Bahia
• Lauro de Freitas -
• Praia de Buraquinho (Lauro de Freitas)
• Vilas do Atlantico (Lauro de Freitas)
• Ipitanga (Lauro de Freitas)
• Arembepe (Camaçari)
• Guarajuba – Shopping (Camaçari)
• Itacimirim (Camaçari)
• Praia de Jauá (Camaçari)
• Praia do Forte - Projeto Tamar – ICMBio - Garcia D'Ávila Castle (Mata de São João)
• Imbassaí (Mata de São João)
• Vila de Diogo – Praia de Santo Antonio (Mata de São João)
• Costa do Sauípe - Porto do Sauípe (Mata de São João)
• Massarandupió (Entre Rios) Nude Beach
• Subaúma (Entre Rios)
• Rio Inhambupé
• Barra do Itariri (Conde)
• Conde – Open market every Saturday
• Praia do Sítio do Conde
• Vila do Conde (Church of Nossa Senhora do Monte)
• Poças (Conde)
• Sibirinha (Conde)
• Costa Azul (Jandaíra)
• Abadia – Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Abadia (Jandaíra)
• Mangue Seco (Jandaíra)
• Ponte Gilberto Amado (Sergipe – Bahia)
• Praia do Abaís (Sergipe)
• São Cristovão (Sergipe) Historic City
• Laranjeiras (Sergipe) Historic City
• Aracaju (Sergipe)
• Praia do Atalaia (Sergipe)

Municipalities located along the Costa dos Coqueiros (Coconut Coast):

• Lauro de Freitas (Bahia - Brazil)
• Camaçari (Bahia - Brazil)
• Mata de São João (Bahia - Brazil)
• Entre Rios (Bahia - Brazil)
• Esplanada (Bahia - Brazil)
• Conde (Bahia - Brazil)
• Jandaíra (Bahia - Brazil)

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